Friday, August 29, 2008

o, senator o

Well, hellzapoppin' and heaven be praised.

I knew he could talk, but it looks like the man can fight, too.

I kept flashing to Johnny Mac watching the speech with friends and family and staff, the room growing quiet, people starting to send their resumes out on their Blackberrys as the indictment builds, the only sound heard besides Obama's booming voice and the roar of the stadium crowd, the grinding of Johnny's teeth as that weird death's head grin of his widens until the fangs are bared and he leaps at the enormous flat screen shouting:

"Die, you Vietcong bastard! Die!"

It's going to be razor-thin in November. There are still a lot of people that won't vote for Obama even if he showed up on their front porch and signed a notarized statement that he'll personally mow their lawn and drive them to the doctor's office and send their kids to college, but it's going to be a brawl for a change, not another Democrat sacrificial pop fly.

Nice little blog/interview thing on The Invitation up at nytheatre mike's blog:

We have our first audience a week from tonight. We'll be ready.

Waiting to hear about Johnny's VP pick.

If nominated I will not run, if elected I will not serve.

Just so you know.

I'm booked these next four years.


Ann said...

I'll drive down to Rat City and paint the museum if you can work the phrase "Runner-up Miss Alaska" into the Tuesday Morning Music Quiz.

Your Syracuse fan club needs more information on The Invitation. Come to think of it, we'd kind of like an invitation to the Invitation.

John said...

Come on down to see The Invitation, Brian Parks' new play, this weekend or next. It's at the Ohio Theater, 66 Wooster Street, opens on Friday, plays Wed-Sat through the month.

"Runner-up Miss Alaska", huh?

I'll see what I can do, can't corrupt the organic flow of the prose though, don't you know.