Monday, August 11, 2008

dead guys, liars and the rest of us

So Bernie Mac will never again stare me down from the TV screen, eyes bugging and head shaking, forcing me to laugh from his assumed concern and Isaac Hayes has finished giving me and the South Park youth advice and counsel.

Godspeed, gentlemen.

But Johnny Corn-pone will be with us for awhile, I bet.

Nice that he only cheated on his wife while her cancer was in remission.

Only a lawyer would make that kind of distinction.

I believe the phrase is:

"What a douche-bag."

Semi-quiet day at the Museum. Writing, swinging by Fringe Central this afternoon to hawk the merch, meeting up with the Postmen crew tonight to read the pilot and talk bidness.

Heading out to Edinburgh at the end of the week for the big Overlord reading.

That should be fun.

This morning's MMMQ concerns the work of the great David Byrne, the original nerdy genius art rocker.

With the Talking Heads (the "Heads" as we 80s hipsters used to say) Mr. Byrne wrote the dance card that allowed the whitest kids to get out there and boogie and then he walked off on his own but kept sending back perfect acoustic postcards. I missed the architectural organ he created last month (or did I, anyone know?) but I can't stop playing the first track from Grown Backwards these days.

Grown Backwards opens with:

1. Glass, Concrete and Stone

2. Glass, Concrete and Steel

3. Concrete and Stone

4. Stone, Wood and Metal


5. Drywall

Winners get a house and a home, all others get a bus pass.

And apologies to all who've dropped off the blogroll, we're under construction here. I'll get it back up in good time.


Ann said...

Here's what would have happened if John Edwards had called me for advice:

Step One - call press conference to address rumors of infidelity.

Step Two - issue the following staement verbatim:

"Recently the tabloid media has been making speculations regarding my personal life. My private life is exactly that - private. I will not address these rumors or speculations now or ever, this constitutes my final statement on the matter. I would like to use the remainder of this time to discuss matters that actually concern the American public, I refuse to be party to some sort of values witch hunt."

...and then he could go on and make some spectacular statement about poverty from the perspective of a spectacularly rich guy, whatever he wants.

But I am bone-tired of turning on CNN and hearing about politician's cocks. Seriously. End rant.

Ann said...

Oops. Forgot to answer the MMMQ! This whole Edwards thing just makes me feel...stabby.

Glass, Concrete and Steel = Amazing.

And you can still catch Playing the Building through August 24th. But if you go, I don't want to hear about it, I'll be massively jealous.

Lori said...

surprise!!!! Another politician cheats on his cancer ridden wife.

Get in line.

It makes me want to vote a woman into office. At least if she spends 400.00 bucks on a haircut, she can get extentions.

MMMQ. I am sorry to say that I really don't know what the answer is.... But if I was a betting person, I say, whatever ever Ann said. She has a pretty good record.

Kids start school on Wed. Love em to death but can't afford the food bill.

Have a good one

Rose said...

Oh oh! Drywall! My vote is drywall! Definitely drywall. Yup. And blood. Lots of it.

John said...

Blood and Drywall was Byrne's unreleased masterpiece from 1975. When he was like twelve.

Yeah, I'm with you ladies on this one. You think Nancy Pelosi and Senator Clinton have their loveboys out there somewhere?

How about voting in an unmarried person, or, better yet, minding our own goddamned business and caring about a candidate's qualifications and platform more than what they do after lights out?

Lori said...

Here is the deal. To some extent I can see where a man's after hours bidness is his own.
On the other hand, if a man has no problems worring or caring about his wife's security or trust.... what makes me think that he gives a rats ass about my trust or security.

In some ways I think that it is none of me bidness. But if he can't respect his wife. why should he respect me

Something to think about

John said...

Yeah, it's the old "character" argument, which can't be dismissed out of hand (or out of pants, in this case).

The larger problem, for me, is how we judge character in this country.

You cheat on your wife and you have to grovel on TV, you vote to deny children health care and you strut around and call yourself "responsible".

I'm angrier at the guy who's screwing all those kids than I am at the guy banging the beautician.

Is all I'm saying.