Wednesday, August 27, 2008

speechifying and whatnot

Got home from rehearsal around 10:15 last night, just in time to catch Senator Clinton's extraordinary performance.

Always loved that woman and last night she gave me another good reason to keep that torch burning.

Rehearsal was smoking. Staging hysteria isn't easy but when you've got pros up there it's not that hard. Leslie joked at one point, "Aren't you glad you have us?" and I 'fessed up to what every honest director knows:

Only work on good scripts with great actors, make those actors talk fast, and you will have a successful career as a director.

Everything else is theory and style. Not unimportant, but not essential.

Good words, brave actors and then crank up the pace.

That's pretty much it.

Spitfire is up in the Poconos this week, so I'm flying solo here at the Museum. We've got our big Fall Re-opening Bonanza Sales Event next week, with those twirly things that catch the breeze and folks dressed up like animals and I'm in negotiations with the second-best jug band in the county.

Could be something else entirely if I can get that fire permit.

Going to sit here all day and write. Need to finish the third Postmen episode and tackle Overlord again. Going for my sixth draft on Overlord, just cleaning and polishing and planting some stuff early so that the ending makes more sense.

I'm a lucky man, me.

Sitting in the cool quiet just typing all day with the rock and roll playing in the background. Biggest challenge is not stepping on the cat, biggest worry is that I may not have bought enough coffee.

Some people are out there actually working for a living.

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