Monday, August 18, 2008

so long, pervez

We hardly knew ye.

Showing his modern moves right to the end, Our Man in Pakistan has executed a bloodless self-coup, giving up the office of President, but hanging around Islamabad. For the waters, I suppose.

What could possibly go wrong?

In local news, all concerned with the AEA Basic Showcase Code reform movement should check out this article:

Something strange going on.

May be light on the posting this week, tomorrow is the big EIF showing of Captain Overlord's Folly and don't know what my internet access is going to be like the next few days.

Our MMMQ is in honor of the great Robbie Burns, Scotland's bard and lyric hero.

Besides writing Auld Lang Syne, Mr. Burns penned countless hits. He was both the Bob Dylan and the Neil Diamond of his day.

Which of these immortal classics didn't Robert Burns write?

1. Little Maggie

2. Charlie, He's my Darling

3. Oh, My Love's Like a Red, Red Rose

4. The Birks of Aberfeldy

Winners get single malt, losers get invaded by the English.


Ann said...

The only one I *know* Burns wrote is My Love is Like a Red, Red, Rose.

(Sidebar: *my* love is nothing like a red red rose. It's more like a vast green veldt.)

I do know Dylan wrote Little Maggie, though. Maybe Burns wrote it first, but I got it distilled through Dylan.

Not a bad way to get the bulk of life's information, that.

John said...

Bob taught me that even a pawn can hold a grudge.

Or as my uncle once told me moments before I was forced to throw him into a swimming pool for his own good,

"Even a groin can hold a pudge."

True, sure, but not what Mr. Dylan was trying to convey.

Rose said...

I vote about the birk one. What is a birk? Really? Birky birk birk.

Sidenote, when I worked in a London Whisky bar in well, um, London, but it was scottish really!

Well when I worked there, I got to do a Burns night on Burns night, and recite the girls retort or whatever. And get smashed on whisky!


Follow in me footsteps John, follow! You're in the land of the great Robbie Burns!

Ann said...

"Even a groin can hold a pudge"?

I feel like throwing *myself* into a swimming pool.

I shall throw myself into this glass of wine instead.

Brenda said...

Thanks for posting the link about AEA showcases... as an actress/producer in NYC, I have been personally stymied and frustrated by the inflexibility and I hope some changes are made pronto!