Thursday, August 07, 2008

random thursday

Many things in the air and on my mind.

Our friends Collective: Unconscious may have lost their space on Church Street, but they just got a rave review in the Scotsman for Charlie Victor Romeo over at the Edinburgh Fringe. Joyce McMillan gave them four stars out of five and in Edinburgh it's all about the stars. Artists roam the streets, exclaiming in joy or grief:

"Five stars!"

"Two stars!"

"Three stars!"

Few get five, so four is very, very good.

Well done, Paul, Bob, Patrick, Irving and the rest.

Through one of those increasingly less random confluences, CVR is being produced by our old friends Jen and Lou of Scamp Productions, the outfit that produced screwmachine/eyecandy over there in 2005.

So well done, Jen and Lou as well.

I'm reading the business section of the paper these days and wondering when someone's just going to break character and scream:

"O god! God! It's over! Convert it all to gold and get a gun and head for the hills, boys! O god!"

They're dribbling out the bad news, but a guy I know was told by a guy he knows that come January, when everyone has to show their books, the Party will be officially over. It's all just a confidence game, in both senses of the word, and once you and me and Joe Broke-Ass lose our confidence in the big set-up, it's lights out.

In happier news, rehearsals for The Invitation continue to romp. I thought the clock stopped last night, we were getting so much done. I looked over and it said 7:15 and we started working at 6:15 and I was sure it was at least 8:30. Excellent cast and we've all worked together for so long, we just get to it. Sitting there with David Calvitto, Paul Urcioli and Leslie Farrell working on a Brian Parks play, it could be any year since 1994.

Good to have an ensemble.

FringeNYC opens tomorrow. We're selling T-shirts. Come on down.

Reading Steve Martin's Shopgirl. Beautiful, simple prose. Not what you'd expect from the Jerk. Sort of strange, like when Jim Nabors would sing on Gomer Pyle, USMC. You have to adjust your whole perception and it takes a moment before you think:

"But... that's beautiful."

Writing today and Tony's up from Philadelphia to scour through our old press. He's trying to get an interview with me and McGee published somewhere. I read the transcript, it's hilarious.

Onward, Gob willing, and call your broker if you have one. If not, you're in better shape. Those with nothing to lose have nothing to fear.


Eoghan said...

Good to hear that you're involved in 'Embra' again. Hopefully cross tracks with you at some point as usual.

Hearing good things about CVR; if it comes with your blessing thats good enough for me, I'll check it out. Arriving tomorrow and looking to get stuck in pretty damn quick...

Good luck with it all

Eoghan "your #1 Fatboy fan from Assembly backintheday"

John said...


We'll be in Embra the 16th-21st, showing a new piece Aug 19 and 20 as part of EIF's Behind the Scenes series.

Big, crazy show. Captain Overlord's Folly or The Fool's Revenge.

If you're in town, come by.