Wednesday, August 13, 2008

now starts the craziness

Going back into Captain Overlord's Folly rehearsal today, working The Invitation at night. Same thing tomorrow. Then Friday we pack it up and fly over to Edinburgh for six days. While there, we drink much whiskey, catch up with friends and present a "workshop" showing of Overlord on the 19th and 20th. Home on the 21st, out to Pennsylvania on the 22nd and then into The Invitation technical rehearsals, opening the show down at the Ohio the first week of September.

No sleep til Brooklyn and all that.

I'll sleep in September.

Had our "Blood Night" for The Invitation last night. Not to give anything away, but holy Gob there's some blood in that show. Wanted the actors to feel what it was like looking around the room and doing a scene with someone drenched in blood.

It's different, we discovered.

And must send random props out to Oliver Butler. Saw Robert Lyons' Red Haired Thomas at the Ice Factory last weekend and the direction was outstanding. Oliver did Hostage Song at the Kraine a while back and everyone told me I had to see it and of course I didn't as I hate going to the theater. Really wish I had caught it.

Well done, Oliver. I'll look out for your next show.

First I've got to talk to some killer clowns, mix up some blood and find my passport.


RLewis said...

Dude, with all due respect, if you're gonna be the head of LIT, I'm hoping that you'll stop saying that you hate going to the theater. Everything true need not be said.

My group has already submitted our LIT sign-up sheet, but this is giving me a hard time convincing others that you are the one we should be following; cuz well, we all want to be following someone who we believe cares about more than just their own work. Not that there's anything wrong with caring about one's own work.

I could be wrong, and I sure don't mean to be mean, but I'm still excited about the possibilities of LIT, so do you see the leadership issue this starts down the chain?

ps. I thought Red Haired Thomas was one of the best written works I've seen this year, and I love going to the theater.

John said...

Yeah, fair point, but the one thing you'll never get from me is mindless boosterism.

I hate going to the theater because I love it so much. I'm a Christian who hates going to a hypocritical, soulless church. I'm a gourmand who hates going to a chain restaurant. I'm an American voter who hates following politics.

I go to a lot of theater, like the dutiful Christian goes to church, the gourmand fucking well eats what he can afford when he's hungry and the responsible voter votes.

But I don't have to like it.

Read the preface to Thornton Wilder's Three Plays if you havent' lately. He makes the point forty times better than I ever could and he made the point eighty years ago.

Just breaks my heart that the point is still true around here.

RLewis said...

Thanks, John, I get all that, but to paraphrase the ole press/politico speak: I question the premise of your rejection. See, I just don't know you to know if I believe you when you put it that way - that you hate going. Frequency and Selectivity are completely different issues that frustrate all of us who struggle to find time to create our own work. But seeing you at the Ohio last saturday night, you didn't look to be hating anything (same as the many of other times we’ve been at the same show); quite the contrary. You appeared at home, enjoying being among friends and connecting to their work. Those just starting out will be lucky to one day have created a community like the one you have.

I’m sure putting this in writing gives it too much credence, but taking the lead on LIT this summer is a change for you. Within reason, you no longer speak for just yourself, but for all us who have signed up to be LIT indians (and we’re far more accustomed to being chiefs). If LIT is to be an inclusive advocacy group, we’ll need leadership that inspires members and lures new converts into the fold. Your actions do that, so I’m just being a dingbat that doesn’t want a throwaway line of self-deprecation to come before all you’ve accomplished… and are about to accomplish.

John said...

Point taken.