Friday, August 01, 2008

blocked by blogger

That was weird.

This morning I went online and found out that thought I was a robot and blocked me from signing on.

So I melted their fortress with my laser-beam eye-glare, Vorn, I believe the expression is, and destroyed them with my super-human strength.

All very weird.

Enjoy the week-end, Walsh and I are headed up to her ancestral home, Greenfield, MA for her 25th high-school reunion.

Like I wasn't feeling old enough already.

She's a year younger than me, for Christ's sake.


Rose said...


I believe it's VORN. All caps.

But your laser beam eyes might be lower case, I've never seen them in action.

Have fun in Mass.

John said...




That is better.

Rose said...

Haha. You big silly. I hope you never use them on me. Just zombies. ZOMBIESSSSSSSS....