Friday, August 22, 2008

quite a week

Well, damn.

Friday again?

Tuesday we flew out to Edinburgh, that same day we did the first workshop, Wednesday we did the second one and then threw a party at the flat that night, Thursday we flew back home and here it is Friday.

Life stays busy.

Workshop of Captain Overlord's Folly well and truly rocked. First show was good, we did some tinkering and the second show was extraordinary. Audience reacting all the way through, even at the very, very end when it gets a little sticky.

Well done to all.

What else?

Run out and see a FringeNYC show if you're in Rat City, the festival ends this weekend.

Don't worry too much about these polls showing the race tightening, it was always going to be incredibly close. Most people still aren't paying attention.

It's still summer. Eat a hot dog, buy some lemonade from a kid or run through a sprinkler. Do something that you can't do in January.

And although no one came right out and answered the MMMQ, Ann was close enough with Little Maggie.

Little Maggie is credited to Josh Groves on the Essential Bluegrass Collection, so for the purposes of this quiz we're going to say that Robert Burns didn't write it.

Ann gets whiskey. And by that I mean she really "gets" it, you know? She understands it, in a meaningful way.

Good to be home. Feel like I spent the week on Continental Flight 102.


Ann said...

Close Enough Ann here -

Glad to hear the trip was a success, gladder to have you back in the states. I always worry they won't let you back in, you know.

I'll be in CT this weekend...tempted to venture into the big city and fetch my whiskey.

John said...

We'll be out in the Poconos, but the cat would love to see you.

Ann said...

Fuck the cat. She can't hold her liquor. Always passes out an hour into the party and then I start calling old boyfriends on my cell phone...pathetic.