Tuesday, June 24, 2008

somebody better step up

George Carlin and Tim Russert are both gone.

We're losing some good people here.

The amount of truth being told and the number of tough questions being asked are both less and fewer today with these two men no longer walking around.

So somebody better get busy and pick up the slack.

Damn Ann, the Lampshade Queen, takes a victory lap this morning for knowing her Springsteen.

Ann wins the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people, only catch is you have to go over there to collect.

Consolation prize is the heart and mind (such as it is) of the cat here at the Museum. Also have to come here to collect.


Ann said...

O this feels so good after my ignominious defeat last week!

Tell the cat I'll be there on the 11th. Alert all museum staff that it's bound to be a late night, and it would probably be best to rest during the day and stay hydrated.

I think the Iraqi people have enough on their plates without me coming over there to drink their liquor and dance around wearing their lampshades, don't you? Good lord, they're still recovering from Condi's last bender...

John said...

Condi's Teeth, a ska- punk band.

Ann said...

Ask a ska-punk MMMQ question next week at your peril...yeah, I dabble.