Friday, June 13, 2008

coming attractions

Funny what happens when a window of time opens up.

You think,

"Well, good. Finally enough time to sit on the couch and stare at the beautiful, flickering light of the TV screen, eat a lot of chips and read all of those magazines that keep piling up."

And next thing you know you're busier than an aforementioned one-armed paper hanger named Junior from someone's dim and questionable past.

If you're in the greater Philadelphia area on Saturday the 14th, come on down to 211 Broad Street, 4th Floor at 10:00 AM and sign up for the workshop Melanie Stewart and I are leading. I can guarantee you'll laugh and get all sweaty.

Then on the 19th, in the evening, there's a series of open showings at the same address in the evening. We're one of them.

Love this dance lingo.

"Open showing".

What does that even mean?

Fast forward to July and Nan and I are performing two of Don Nigro's extraordinary monologues for the Underground Zero Festival at Collective Unconscious. Two nights only, July 12th and 13th at 7:30 PM. Don wrote Cincinnati, the one-woman piece Nancy's been doing all around the globe for the past four years or so. He writes like no one I know, making the terrifying funny and the very deep simple and human.

Just realized while typing the above paragraph that I still have to get the rights to piece I'm working on.

Someone get Sam French on the line.

The following weekend, July 17, 18 and 19, Matt Oberg speaks the words of The Event again, also as part of the Underground Zero Festival.

There's still some beach-combing and hot dog eating going on, but the Work starts cutting into the summer and soon it will be August and we'll be flying back to Edinburgh for the big Overlord reading.

And then the fall gets crazy.

No complaints, on the contrary, vast gratitude that there's an audience out there and that people keep giving us gigs.

My cousin Deirdre walks the aisle tonight with her boy Brett waiting at the end. They will make the impossible promises to each other and we'll all watch, loving them and thinking about the open bar.

Love these summer weddings.

Love, cherish and obey, folks.

Why not, right?

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