Thursday, June 26, 2008

lovely day

Yesterday was one of those Rat City days that keep you addicted to the Big Beast. Sunny, not too hot and me with three appointments spread across the city and lots of time in-between.

Had a breakfast interview with Jackie McGlone for the Scotsman up at the Starlite Diner, 69th and 1st. Spitfire and me chomping down bacon and acting all profound.

After that I strolled through the chaos of the Upper East Side, cut across to the park and sat in the shade learning my lines for Golgotha, the Nigro piece I'm doing at the undergroundzero festival in a couple of weeks.

1:00 I meet up with Abby Marcus and Paul Bargetto at Yum Yum Bangkok, 9th and 44th, for a lunch LIT meeting. We quickly solve all the problems of the world and eat our Pad Thai.

Another stroll through Times Square and I'm wildly early for a 3:30 TCG meeting to talk about Free Night. Circle your calendars now, October 16, 2008 there's going to be a party going on in just about every theater in this town.

I'm early, so I go by Present Company, Elena Holy is there so we scheme away on all sorts of fronts.

Big schemer, Elena.

Then the entirely pleasant TCG meeting and I'm done for the day. F train down to the Lower East Side, walk through the Boho Parade and I'm home by 6:00, summer evening sun coming through the window, cat glad to see me and Nancy padding around asking if I'd like a cocktail.

Man. Some days just flow, don't they?


Rose said...

I haven't been posting lately cause sometimes your blog posts really have enough words in them. Enough good words though, words that just say the right amount of things. They don't need commenting on.
But today I wanted to comment.




*bows and walks offstage*

John said...


Stop all yer kibbitzing, ya kid.

(grumbles sotto voce while cranking away "damn kids always on my lawn grumblecrankcrank...")