Monday, June 02, 2008

country boy

Typing this quietly in the early Berkshire morning, holed up in Greenfield, MA. My wife and in-laws are asleep upstairs, me and the birds have been up for hours.

I see in the Greenfield Recorder that the Turners Falls Indians pummeled No. 9 seed Westfield Vocational-Technical High School, 23-0, in a five-inning mercy-rule win at Bourdeau Fields.

Twenty-three to zip.

Man. Them Indians are fierce.

Matt Oberg triumphed on Friday night with the debut of The Event. Thanks for all who came out. We're doing it again as part of the Underground Zero Festival in July and there might be something else going on with it, check this space as they say in the biz.

Big League of Independent Theater meeting tonight, getting our ducks in many rows for an official launch. Need to have the paperwork stamped and notarized and whatnotted until we can offically solicit members and that's pretty much the name of the game for a membership organization.

Tomorrow we wing down to Philly for a meeting with Melanie Stewart and a first casting session for our big Time to Dance piece. I'm writing something with Melanie that will be a dance show/contest, with judges and contestants and minor celebrities and the whole nine. We're trying to figure out how to create it and stage it so that it's more of a social event than an evening of art. Philadelphia Live Arts is interested, so we're going to build it slow and try to get it right.

Rest of the week is quiet, going to try to keep it that way.

It's summertime, man. Come on.

MMMQ inspired by a purchase at an antique/junk store down the road from here yesterday afternoon. Amid the water-logged cabinets and oil paintings of clowns, I found a stack of cassette tapes, someone's collection from the 80s. A-ha was there and the Go-Gos and the real prize, Terence Trent D'Arby's debut album, Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D'Arby.

Remember Wishing Well?

Still makes you move.

Wishing Well was the only song that ever got on the radio off the album, but it's not the lead-off. The first track on the first side of Mr. D'Arby's opus is

1. If You All Get to Heaven

2. If You Let Me Stay

3. As Yet Untitled

or, simply,

4. If, by Bread

Winner gets a glass of lemonade and/or a slice of watermelon, depending on supplies and availability. All prizes are non-transferable and subject to non-delivery and denial of ever having been offered, as is custom and tradition around these parts.

You prize-winning bastards.


Ann said...

I heard those Turners Falls kids are all force fed steroids at the school cafeteria.

I can only assume you'd make the MMMQ about an album that came out during my sophomore year in high school - is there a time in life when music is more important than high school, when every song you hear is written specifically about you? - because you feel sorry for me losing to Rose last week.

Well, that's cool. I'll take a pity win.

One is first, and two is second, and three was on there somewhere toward the end of the second side. And if TTD ever did record "If", I wanna hear it.

Anonymous said...

John, I believe the first two tracks on the TTD album were...

1. If You All Get to Heaven

2. If You Let Me Stay

Haven't heard the whole thing since high school, but, man, were we crazy about him back then. Ah...

Lori said...

I know this one!!! I loved TTD, but must admit that Wishing Well was the one song I played over and over, annoying all around.

The answer is #1 If You All Get To

Glad to hear the weekend was a success.

I would like to upgrade my lemonaide. I have some frequent flyer miles that I need to get rid of.

Finally had a weekend with no baseball games and good weather.
We took our new boat out . It is a 1984 Chapperal and it runs like a champ. Got it for free. Good ole Uncle Bill gave it to me. He bought a new Bass boat. I love that man!!
There is something soothing about being in a boat,on the water with the wind in your hair. We had a great time.

Have a good one!!!

John said...


Where am I going to find all that lemonade?

And who knew Mr. Darby made such an enduring impression on us all?

Ann said...

Check your fridge. You have plenty of lemonade, as of Saturday morning it was scotch you were low on.

John said...

Loaded for bear on both the Scotch and the lemonade, just hurts me deep somewhere to give things away to people just because I said I would if they guessed right.

Next week's quiz is going to be in goddamned Sanskrit, I'm telling you.

Yeah, Lori, love it out on the water.

Motorboats for me, man, jetting across some lake or out fishing on the Northern Shore, settling into the long, slow chop of the Atlantic.

Rose said...

Clearly it must be number 4, If by bread. And played five to six times over again.
Wouldn't make any sense on this album, but that's my vote.


John said...


Lemonade points for deep insider reference.