Wednesday, June 18, 2008

celtics win

The Boston Celtics ran a training camp on Kobe and Company last night. Final score was something like 128 to 40.

Never a fan of the Lakers, it was fun to see Garnett and Pierce and Allen and Doc on the sidelines get their rings and hang another banner up in the rafters.

Go Celts.

Meanwhile, somewhere, someone is patiently explaining to the New York Knickerbockers that the round ball goes through the hoop.

Good. Again. The round ball...good...goes through...yes... the hoop! Very good. Now we're going to dribble. Drib-ble. Bounce bounce bounce. Good. Again.

Slow day at the Museum, catching up on paperwork, dusting off the displays, laying down some schemes for the fall.

Anyone catch the Times piece last Thursday about the NEA's nationwide census of artists? American professional artists' combined income was 70 billion in 2005. More people in this country identify themselves as artists than as lawyers, doctors, police officers or farm workers.


Let's get organized, folks. This is the way a so-called democracy works.

We've got the numbers, let's get the money, let's get the property, let's get the respect.

Let's run the same game the fundamentalist Christians did back in the 80s. Get organized on a local level, get artists on the school board, ask every candidate what their position is on arts funding, arts in the school system, the cultivation of local artists, etc.

If we don't make it part of the dialogue, if we don't insist that it's part of the dialogue, there's no reason for anyone else to talk or think about it.

We out-number the doctors and the lawyers.

And they seem to be doing all right.

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