Tuesday, June 03, 2008

rowdy road

Going to aim the hood of Car 220, the Silver Bullet, at the bull's eye of 211 Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA this morning and see where we end up.

Never know what's going to happen when you leave your own home, to paraphrase Bilbo by way of Tolkien.

Big three hour LIT Steering Committee meeting last night. Great work but Christ, when will we get the nod from Albany and be a legal thing? Honeywell says any day now, but he's a lawyer, must remember, they have explicit instructions to lie at all times to the rest of us.

I mean, it's their sworn duty.

Can't blame the poor bastards.

Out of the office all day, sort of playing hooky, sort of going on a field trip.

Working the whole time, of course.

If working is cruising down the highway in some cold blue steel, blasting 70s rock and roll and watching the world fly by.

Which, I assure you, it is.

Every one of you motherfuckers cracked the MMMQ with ease, so I suspect widespread fraud and voter tampering and all other sorts of lemonade/watermelon intent to procure by illicit means.

You big cheaters.

I'm going to honor your winnings, but as you sip that lemonade or chew that watermelon you will taste, in your heart, your own mendacity.

Why didn't anyone ever name a town Menda City?

It's where most of us live, anyway.

See you out on the road.

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