Monday, June 23, 2008

as real as real gets

Got the word from Robert Honeywell last night.

The League of Independent Theater, Off-Off Broadway's advocacy organization and business league, is as real and actual as this chair I'm sitting on.

We're a thing, y'all.

Now it's time to see what kind of thing we are.

Hilarious week-end with the sisters Schwartz and their Mom, Mama Mern.

Went to the Museum of Natural History yesterday, touched a lot of dinosaur bones, studied up on The Horse and saw a periwinkle the size of a football.

A very cool place.

Friday night I dragged myself off the couch and went over to Under Saint Marks to see elsewhere's The Honest To God True Story of the Atheist, written by Dan Trujillo, directed by Isaac Butler, featuring the lovely and talented Daryl Lathon, Jennifer Gordon Thomas and Big Abe Goldfarb.

Hugely entertaining.

An old-style revue/vaudeville that was actually about something with regular laughs and a hungry cast intent on burning down the house. Audience ate it up. Goldfarb balled up a piece of paper at one point and flung it right into my face, apologized and kept going without missing a beat. I told Butler afterwards that at one point it was like watching The Civilians' crazy, really smart little brother.

I think it's over, but if it comes back you should see it.

Pitching out a softball this morning for you MMMQ masters. It's officially summer and all, so no one should work too hard this week.

How many tracks are on Springsteen's Magic? And what's the last song on the album?

Doing a podcast for all the pod people this afternoon and meeting up with Omar Sangare a little later.

Looks like Fatboy is playing L.A. and Malta next season. I'll make a little money and offend people I don't even know.

Strange life, this.


Ann said...

Did you even notice that track six is usually the most amazing song on a CD? I have a theory that it's because track six is the equivalent of the last song on side one of an album, the song that was supposed to make you NEED to get up and flip that sucker over to hear the rest of the music...but it's only a theory.
At any rate, now I have "Girls in Their Summer Clothes" playing in my head, and even though it's about to rain here it *feels* sunny.

As for the MMMQ: with or without the bonus track, Clancy? This feels like a trap. You know I hate traps...yet I find them strangely irresistible.

John said...

How many tracks and what's the last song?

Don't overthink it, LQ.

I like the Sixth Song Theory. I've noticed a Third Track Phenomenon as well. The third song is usually the best, when it's not the sixth or the seventh. My understanding is that that's the one when the band relaxes and stops trying to impress you and starts just playing.

Ann said...

12. Terry's Song. That's it, final answer, I will *not* spend the rest of the afternoon obsessing about this.

Instead I will go through my entire CD collection in my head, thinking of the third far I've done Spoon's "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga" and Green Day's "American Idiot"...damned if you're not right.

jengordonthomas said...

thanks, john. pleasure to meet you and have you at the show.

John said...

Really enjoyed myself. The show closed, right?

jengordonthomas said...

yes, we closed...but we may be bringing it back later in the year. great fun.