Monday, June 30, 2008

looking ahead

July is almost here, praise Gob and pass the hotdogs.

Saturday July 12th at 2:00 PM we're gathering at Barrow Street Theater.

And when I say we I'm probably talking about you.

Martin Denton is calling the second Indie Theater Convocation and if you're reading this blog you probably have some passing interest in the 99 seat theater world here in Rat City. At the Convocation we'll make the first official announcement of LIT and people and companies can sign up as charter members at some soon-to-be-determined discount.

The first convocation, two long years ago, was a very stirring and empowering afternoon, I got to tell you. Just to be in one room with an army of compadres, all talking about the same thing, you feel the very good chance of change.

That same Saturday Walsh and I climb under the hot lights for Nigromantia: A Slight Return at undergroundzero festival down at Collective Unconscious. Two nights only, July 12th and 13th.

The weekend after that, July 17th, 18th and 19th, Matt does The Event, also at the festival.

Today, however, my calendar is clear and I'm going to sit here in the air-conditioning and play my rock and roll music and maybe get some writing done and maybe not.

Speaking of the rock and roll:

Our MMMQ drops back to 1985, a time of big hair, Ron Reagan and a great crop of girl groups. The Bangles danced around in a different light for awhile there. Their big hit was unavoidable that summer, causing me to just about twist off the volume knob on the radio of the old Posthumous Pinto in an effort to turn that shit up.

According to Vicki and the girls, what do both the cops in the doughnut shops and the kids in the marketplace say just prior to walking like an Egyptian?

Extra points for correct spelling.


Ann said...

"Ay oh way oh, ay oh way oh!"

Gotta wonder how you're determining "correct spelling" in this case - is Susanna Hoff stuffed in a drawer somewhere in the museum?

Oh. You probably found it on some hieroglyphics. That makes sense.

John said...

I have been advised by counsel not to discuss the disappearance of Ms. Hoff.

I'll see you in court.

Correct spelling, like all linguistic matters, is entirely arbitrary.

Rose said...

Hey yah Hey yah?

John said...

How cute is Rose's guess?


Now that's cute.