Monday, June 09, 2008

a billion degrees and climbing

We're having a Heat Wave.

McGee hasn't left the house in three days and she's the more sensible one of the two of us. Keeping the AC cranked, lots of fluids and rock and roll, we'll ride through this. Have to drive down to Philly again today, spending the night and working down there again tomorrow.

Maybe it's thirty degrees cooler down there, somehow.

A man can dream.

Missed you all on Friday, no internet connection here at the Museum. Something to do with something I have no earthly understanding of.

So much of the modern world is complete magic to me. I'm a Borneo wild man, just trying to pass half the time.

Busy week leading up to my cousin Deirdre's wedding on Friday night. The entire St. Louis crew is coming out, my folks and sisters and nieces, and we're all planning on carousing on the beach out in Long Island next week.

Providing Long Island hasn't melted and dissolved into the ocean by then.

Hot out there, man.

Today's MMMQ comes from catching A Hard Day's Night on the TV last night. Nan had never seen it, so we giggled at the lads and sang along to all of the songs. Fun movie.

Paul's grandfather is:

1. A nice old man.

2. A clean old man.

3. A dirty old man.

4. A mean old man.

Winners get a block of ice, if I can deliver it before it melts.

If not, they have to give me a towel.

To Philadelphia and glory.


Ann said...

He's a clean old man...please keep my ice in your fridge, I will enjoy it in a cocktail next time I'm down in Rat City.

Try and stay cool, I hear it's Africa hot down there in Philly.

John said...

I write to you from the subtropical depths of Philadelphia.

Christ on a cruise ship, it's hot out there.

Rose said...

Number Two. He's very...


Though really, he's just creepy.

I love that movie!!!! HELP has gotta be the best one though. Crazy technicolor wackiness! Pumped me into my wacky beatle mania of 14.

Yes, even in 1996, a young girl of 14 could have beatlemania. Screaming and fainting and the whole shebang.

PS: And hot damn! It was really hot today in the rat city. HOT HOT HOT! Icky poo.

Ann said...

"Christ on a cruise ship"...

I can get no work done, I'll have you know. I can't stop thinking about this phrase...what's he doing on the cruise ship? Passenger? Crew? If he's a passenger, who even knew the Messiah took vacations? (Sidebar: Messiah Vacation? Excellent band name!) and if he's on the crew...well, that just makes me reimagine old Love Boat episodes with Christ as Gopher or Isaac.

Anyway, you got my mind off how hot it is, so thanks.

John said...

Christ actually worked a cruise ship one season. Church attendance was at an all-time low, some doctors had successfully horned in on the leper-curing biz and He hit the open water.

Multi-talented triple-threat that He is, he headlined this revue, called something like

Jesus and the Spectaculars Bring You That Old Time Religion!

Something like that.

Didn't go over big with the Jews on board, he wasn't offered a second contract.

Too bad.

He could have been big.