Tuesday, May 27, 2008

weekday workday

All right you wage-slaves and day-runners, let's strap on the harness and get behind the mule out there.

Yesterday was free for some, today is the Man's day.

Those cars never seem to stop coming.
Keep those fine limousines humming.

Beautiful Memorial Day picnic/croquet championship match out in the Poconos courtesy of the Cooks. McGee and I crashed at one of the best Best Westerns of our respective careers, out there in Matamoras, PA.


Some kind of Mexican settlement in the Pennsyvlanian foot hills?

Don't know, but that's what the signs say.

Everything is focused towards Friday night, May 30, when young Matthew Oberg steps into the ring at the PIT armed only with his memorized words and attempts to scale The Event. Will he blanch? Tremble and drench the room in flop-sweat, mouth dry as the Gobi, head empty as a dried gourd, staring out at those who were once his friends?

Or will he kick that bastard through the goal-posts, laughing easily as he trots off the field?

Don't know.

Lots of words. One man.

Be there and you will see.

We're holding the MMMQ on Tuesday this week, it should all work out by leap year.

In honor of the vague patriotic feeling washing around the nation these last few days, today's quiz examines the work of Mojo Nixon, in particular his signature take on Woody Guthrie's anthem, This Land is Your Land.

Mojo describes his own private paradise in the middle of Woody's vision: Mojo World.

Which of the below would you expect to find in Mojo World?

1. Liquor stores open 24 hours a day, every day

2. Drive-in movie theaters

3. Every Saturday night a tribute to a great American hero, Evel Knievel Saturday Night

4. All of the above and so much more

Make your money today, but remember it's actually summer out there. Get a hot dog or buy a glass of lemonade from a kid or just cut out from work a little early today.

It's summertime, man.


Rose said...

I'm going with 'All of the Above and so much much much more'. Cranky today so not much more. Hugs and evil to all.

Ann said...

Goin' to the amusement park in my mind...Turn right at the light, go past the trailer parks.

But I'm not answering today, John. Today's MMMQ is all Rosie's.

I am, however, going to crank the song "Don Henley Must Die" and rock the fuck OUT.

Hey, how was the thing on Saturday? Also, I plan to be at The Event on Friday. Know where I can find a place to crash? Need a couch, a cat and a kick-ass shower. Willing to trade booze and a stoy of my latest run-in with the police for such accomodations.

John said...

Ann, you're ours on Friday and probably most of Saturday if Friday goes right. Crash right here.

Rose, I can't officially give it away until after midnight, but you just might have won your first MMMQ.

Even if it is a Tuesday.

Pig candy all around.

Ann said...

I'll pack my spare liver and bring bail money.

Rose Rules!