Wednesday, May 28, 2008

old days, long night

Met up with Alan Freeman last night, a man I haven't seen in about twenty years.

Alan is a director and teacher out at Occidental College in L.A.

Spitfire and I did rep work out there back in the late 80s.

Translatations, Midsummer, Peter Pan, oh yeah.

Did it all.

Today's a mad run, The Event, couple of meetings and tonight the Provincetown Playhouse public meeting.



You won the big Tuesday MMMQ, honey.

You get two pieces of pig candy from Ann, some Hershey love from Eureka Candy out in Missouri, a beauty tip from Spitfire McGee and a complimentary hour of acting/directing/designing advice from Myself, the big Obie-winner boy.

Not bad for guessing all of the above.


Rose said...

Sweet! I will hold you to your promise Clancyman. *Mad Dance of Victory*

For once in my life, I have won a MMMQ. Probably cause it was secretly a TMMQ.


John said...

Promises will be kept.

Lori said...

In case you are befuddled, my boys are now officially out of school and have to fight for the computer time.

I now get the hours of 5am or 12midnight. Either time I am still drunk from the night before.

Bear with me people, I will try to blog as much as possible. Just know that I am reading, but may not have the time to respond.

Congrats Rosie, I am jealous.

John, Any possibility that you will come to St. Louis this summer???

Have a good one

John said...

St. Louis is basically coming here on June 13th. Whole family is coming out for my cousin Deirdre's wedding out in Queens.

So, no, but we'll be there sometime in the fall for the sad occasion of the trial of a guy they think killed my aunt Joyce back in August of 2000.

Long story, no witnesses, the trial has been postponed twice, so it will probably go as scheduled sometime in September, I think.