Wednesday, May 07, 2008

obama wins, clinton fills out application

Friends, Romans, countrymen.

Lend me ten bucks. Come on.

Or send it to Senator Clinton's campaign and she can start paying down her debt. To herself, if what I'm reading is right. Seems she's deep in the hole to her own campaign and after last night, the money ain't going to come gushing in.

A great night in the "big" state of North Carolina and a fascinating night in Indiana, where they're still counting the ballots. Russert, Matthews, Brokaw and all of them looked like kids who got to stay up late to watch a monster movie, just grinning at each other and trading inside jokes.

Senator Clinton gave two speeches at the same time, which was weird but somehow appropriate. She started and ended with her standard victory dance, but in the limo on the way to the place someone scribbled something and she spliced the new pages right in there.

"We are going full-steam ahead to the White House! And when we get there we'll support the Democratic nominee! O god, what happened? Thank you, Indiana! Does anyone have Barack's cell phone number? I just need to...ask him about something. Thank you Bill and Chelsea! Especially Chelsea! I am proud to be running for the Vice-President, no, sorry, for the President of Indiana! And Pennsylvania, don't forget Pennsylvania! I won that one, too! O god! What the...what the hell happened? Bill?"

This might, Gob have mercy, be close to being over. Math is a strict traffic cop and it's telling the Clinton campaign bus to pull over.

But hey, you never know what's going to happen next in show biz.

Meeting today with folks at Community Board 5, up where the Liberty Theater waits. Great meeting last night with Andrew Berman and the good people of the Greenwich Village Historical Preservation Society. And then this afternoon we meet with TCG about a big city-wide free night of theater next fall.

For a man who hates meetings, I'm becoming a conference room pro these days.

Turns out Carly Simon wrote You're So Vain for about eight different people. See the comments to the post below for the details, but I had no idea she slept around that much. The seventies were a crazy time, but still...

Eelwax Jesus for Vice-President is my vote.

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