Thursday, May 01, 2008

may day

Sending up a flare this morning, as I do every year on this day.

May Day. May Day. Coordinates lost. No horizon. May Day...

Brutal couple of months, what with the missus bursting into flames and all.

May Day...

It's a beautiful day and I've no reason not to expect more of the same, more sunshine and beautiful days, but just the same, Life has shown itself to be a tricky bastard and a fast-moving son-of-a-bitch as well.

So let's all hold on to whatever and whoever is close by and see if we can't get through the rapids ahead.

I'm thinking of Curt Dempster this morning.

God bless, Curt. Hope there's more funding up in Heaven than there is down here and that all of the dead playwrights are signed up for your celestial Marathon.

And of course I'm thinking of Jane Walsh, my beloved sister-in-law, Nancy's sister, the only person I've ever known who maybe loved Nancy more than I do, my true great friend, Jane. It's been almost a year since we've seen her in the flesh, since we said good-bye to her in that Albany hospital room.

Nancy says she talked to Jane right before the first surgery last month, and Laura Coyle, Nan's old college room-mate, had a very vivid "dream" conversation with Jane right around the same time, so I imagine she's hanging around somewhere.

Would be nice just to see her again, though.


May Day.

We're all going to be all right. If you get a second today, stand outside and let the sun hit your face. Sometimes that's all that matters. It's not cold, it's not dark and you're not alone. It's spring and green things are growing and summertime is coming.

It's a long ways to the Fall and Winter is just some distant rumor.

It's May Day.

Find a pole and dance around it.

All right.

Cheered myself up, there, how about that?


Ann said...

It snowed here yesterday. Takes more than that to get me down, though. I have that brand of blind-assed faith you typically only see in dogs and small survive in Syracuse one has to make one's own weather. Or maybe that's just good advice anywhere.

Life is short
by the grace of God
this night is long.

John said...