Monday, May 19, 2008


That's all I'm seeing this morning.

Sunshine. The cat in the window, dreaming of birds.

The Fireball Kid aka Spitfire McGee aka Princess Sweetpea the Incorrigible, over there looking all innocent.

Got some good sleep last night, I guess.

Minds were blown last night at the Ohio Sixth Floor Studio. A bunch of us were shown a video and given a talk about microfinancing in Africa.


With a fifty cent stake a guy built up three businesses. From stealing in the street to running three businesses. Starting with less than it takes to buy a cup of coffee in this town.

No IMF, no fatcat thief taking a cut, money from you to a nun to another woman to him.

I know. Way too good to be true, but I think its real. I'll check it out, let you know.

NYU is furiously back-pedaling on the Provincetown Playhouse. When someone's back-pedaling, that's the best time to give them a little push, as my Daddy always told us back in the holler.

Obies tonight. The usual drinking and lying and clapping for strangers, I imagine.

In honor of my Daddy (who actually grew up out in Queens) our MMMQ has an Appalachian accent to it this morning.

Awhile back the good and generous Amy Shore gave me The Essential Bluegrass Collection, 64 Legendary Performances. 4 Disc set, filled with Lester Flatt and Merle Travis and all of those old redneck crackers, a-fiddling and a-twanging away.

Great stuff.

So which one of the below is not so much a legendary performance as a glass of hogwash, a counterfeit, a hornswaggling load of patootie?

1. Fort Worth Hambone Blues

2. Old Black Mountain Saturday Night

3. Conversation with a Mule

4. Hot Damn Mama, Come Home Tonight

Jug of moonshine for the winner, pigs feet for all those hood-winked.


Ann said...

I *love* playing Clancy Makes Shit's my favorite of all the MMMQ variations. I'm with you for the first three, last one's the fake. Does that moonshine come in a Mason jar? I don't want it if it's all fancied up, city boy.

Lori said...

Ship me the pig's feet... I know that "A conversation with a Mule" is wrong, but that's my pick.

I am sure the good ol'boys have had many conversations with all kinds of farm animals. The mule's just more memorable.

Have a good one!!!!

Yakety Yak, don't talk back

John said...

I was actually drinking moonshine out of a Mason jar the night of the Great Conflagration, no lie. Sxip Shirey brought some back from a tour down South.

"...conversations with all kinds of farm animals."


Rose said...

I want to have a conversation with a mule, but that's what Lori wants...
Well hell, sometimes you just gotta double bill it. So Lori, move over, I'm getting on your train!
Whoot whoot!!!!
Onwards and upwards!