Friday, May 02, 2008

crazy people

Watched I Am Legend last night on Movies on Demand, or Movies on Humble Request as Nancy and I call it, since the movie only comes on and stays on about 20% of the time.

Time Warner Cable must be run by the same people who run the Knickerbocker Station post office and the the New York Knicks as well, for that matter.

Always love me some Will Smith and also love to see post-apocalyptic Rat City.

Escape from New York? Right?


So Will's doing his Hero Thing and all the World's Zombies are just out there trying to eat him.

And I'm thinking,

Yep. That's what it feels like sometimes.

Most of the crazy people out there don't even know that they're crazy. They think it's somehow normal to be this scared, this selfish, this tired.

They think it's somehow mature and responsible to behave without any sense of history
or hope.

NYU is planning on tearing down the Provincetown Playhouse. Where Eugene O'Neill worked. That's like the Sorbonne tearing down Picasso's studio.


Senator Clinton is still in the race. Her people are talking about "electability" and the electoral map and anything else they can come up with besides the hard numbers of delegates and the popular vote and the dwindling number of days before November rolls around and we get one shot, one day, to begin to stop the bleeding.

The Idiot's popularity rating plummets to an historic low, but there are still 26-29%of the poll respondents saying that they approve of the job he's doing.

That's like white mice approving the work of the python in the cage.

Absofuckinglutely crazy.

Uptown they're furiously polishing dogshit, pouring more money into cracked and badly built vessels, selling the tourists like mad. Downtown they're doping around with "experiments" that were first conducted fifty years ago, going broke chasing someone else's dream.

Nancy did the taxes yesterday.


And yet, for some reason, we've decided to stay in the theater biz for another year.


So me and Will and the rest of the strong-jawed Good Guys keep working on the serum, on the vaccine, but I tell you what, if we don't find something soon,

We are going to go crazy.

This is Zombie-Killer one-niner-zero, out.


Ann said...

Hard not to think about the apocalypse, I imagine, what with your wife bursting into flame and lieu of an antidote, I quote the great Phillip Levine to you:

The Truth

You can hide it like a signature
Or a birthmark but it’s always there
In the greasy light of your dreams,
The knots your body makes at night,
The sad innuendos of your eyes,
Whispering insidious asides in every
Room you cannot remain inside. It’s
There in the unquiet ideas that drag and
Plead one lonely argument at a time,
And those who own a little are contrite,
And fearful of those who own too much,
But owning none takes up your life.
It cannot be replaced with a house or car,
A husband or a wife, but can be ignored,
Denied, and betrayed, until the last day,
When you pass yourself on the street,
And recognize the agreeable life you
Were afraid to lead, and turn away.

Anonymous said...

What baffles me is that NYU still can't wrap it's collective head around why we alumni don't donate.

John said...


Mr. Levine took a deep drink from the old Truth Pool, huh?

NYU is behaving like any good corporation should, Kate.

Which is exactly the fucking problem. Same problem that all of the big regional and most of the little regional theaters have.

Not everything used to be a business. There used to be schools and theaters and churches and things like that.

Back when I was a lad.

I'm saying.