Friday, May 16, 2008

left my cell phone in a cab

Not the title of a New Country song, sadly, but the sorry, naked truth.

Send your numbers to if you ever wish to speak with me again.

Left my cell phone in a cab in New York City
So I'm calling out to you from my heart...

Had an appointment with Dr. Bessey yesterday, he pronounces everything good and healing well.

Saw Susan Bernfeld's Stretch at The Living Theater on Clinton Street last night, excellent work all around. I've known Susan since back in the early morning of the day, New Georges started right around the same time as Present Company.

Forgot to get a receipt from the driver
And I suppose that is the stupid part...

Probably seeing Kirk Bromley's Me at the Ohio tonight. Just a theater-going madmen these days.

Left my cell phone in a cab in New York City
And with it I have left all memory
Of everybody else's cell phone numbers
If you want to talk, then you should email me

And that was the Modern Cowpokes doing their version of the classic Electronic Range Riders chart-topper, "Left My Cell Phone in a Cab", based on a true story, we're told.

Enjoy the week-end.

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