Friday, May 09, 2008

rainy day woman #443

Another cool wet day here in the great metropolis of Rat City. Spring has sprung a leak, apparently, and the rainwater falls from the sky.

Good to have a roof and four walls. Must remember to thank Gob and his boy Jebus for the immediate things.

All about re-writes and editing today. Cut, prune and polish. Go back down in the diving bell and see what's beneath the surface of some of this crazy shit I wrote nine months ago and see if I can't fix it up so it makes sense to anyone wandering in off the street and watching it.

Nan got suited up in the Garment of Pressure yesterday. It's, how do I say this...?

It's kind of cute.

White, short-sleeved (no sleeve on the right-hand side), zips up the front.

Kind of sporty.

I wouldn't want to wear it 23 hours a day until next spring, but hey, it beats the Teapot Splint by a mile.

Hilarious meeting/meal/drinking session with Elena K. Holy and Kevin and Nate and Spitfire herself last night.

The real reward for staying alive, it seems these days, is talking with old friends about the insane things you have jointly lived through. Nate had pictures from his wedding, fourteen years ago, showing an impossibly young and smooth-faced John Clancy standing next to a beautiful and smiling Nancy Walsh.

She has, seriously, barely changed.

I turned into the Crypt-Keeper somewhere around 1997.


Enjoy the weekend, go see The Accidental Patriot or Me or something at P.S. 122 or The Brick or somewhere for god's sake.

It's springtime in Rat City and the rain is falling down.

Get out there and splash in a puddle

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