Tuesday, January 10, 2012

step right up

So many thing to buy.

The text of the play in which I committed an actual federal crime onstage is now available for you to buy and read and cherish and memorize, thanks to the indomitable Dentons.

Go here and tell me you don't have a 1.29 for a little slice of vintage downtown hoo-ha.

And speaking of the hoo-ha, this is the place to secure your seat at the first public performance in almost twenty years of The Piano Store Plays: Anyone, Falling Out and Solo for Spoon and Birdcage.  These three shorts stand as some kind of wild blueprint for everything we've done since; it was a bit freaky when we took them from the vault and read them out loud last month, the pages yellowed and curling, ancient clumps of White-Out still clinging to the parchment.

Tonight's New Hampshire, so I'll be glued to MSNBC until the wee hours, but I'll be back tomorrow making sure you buy the above.

Hustling, baby. 

It's all about the hustle in 2012.

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