Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Now that was a great weekend.

Kudos and more kudos to Scott Morfee and his merry band at Barrow Street Theater for putting the whole thing together and running it so well.  I only got to see the Neo-Futurist's Complete and Condensed Stage Directions of Eugene O'Neill, Volume One, but man, that was some good theater.  Funny as hell, had a point, unexpectedly moving and strikingly original.  Most shows are lucky to be one of those things, this one was all four.

And The Piano Store Plays rocked the house, of course.  Those shows are coming back, somehow, somewhere.  Too good to go back in the vault.

So we journey on into 2012.  Big LIT initiative about to be announced, potential game-changer as they say in the political arena.  Watch this space, won't you?

And tonight is the Florida primary coverage.  How happy I am.  I'm waiting for Newt to begin physically attacking Romney and his surrogates.  Just start tackling old Republican stalwarts, wrestling Bob Dole to the ground, shouting "I'm Churchill!  Don't you know I'm Churchill?"

Could be some good T.V.

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