Thursday, January 05, 2012

behold, a child is born

Back in 1965, a little bundle of bad-assedness and beauty came into this rough and tumble world.

A daughter of the Berkshires, she grew up tall and pretty and decided to spend her life upon the wicked stage.  I met her in Dallas, Texas (of all the strange places) about twenty-five years ago and just can't stop loving her still.

If it ain't love it's witchcraft, 'cause that girl casts a spell.

So all hail the Birthday Queen, Nancy Eileen Walsh.  Let their be shrimp on every plate, clam dip in abundance, drink a Bloody Mary or a glass of fine Malbec, raise your voice and thank the gods and gobs above for we are blessed to have her in our lives and in our hearts today and always.

Happy birthday, Looie!

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