Tuesday, January 03, 2012

edinburgh survival guide

Mark Fisher's Big Book on All Things Fringe is available.

 Check it out here.

He did an exhaustive interview with Ms. McGee and myself, in which we told all fools to abandon hope upon entering the Edinburgh city limits, but then how to have yourself a hell of a good time.

Colder than any previously known weather today and it's only going to get colder tonight.

If you don't hear from me for awhile, assume I'm frozen, fingers stuck to the keyboard, one paragraph away from completing my masterwork, eyes wild and unmoving, fixed upon that perfect ending.

Cold, man.  Seriously.


Peter Michael Marino said...

And yes, I will be buying this book as I've spent the entire day at my computer doing research. And now my head will explode. And ... GO!

Peter Michael Marino said...

Available in the US Amazon shop in April. FYI.

John said...

Pete, doesn't your head explode four or five times a week, on average?

I've witnessed at least eight Marino head-explosions and they are a joy to behold.

Mark Fisher said...

Thanks for the support John and Peter. Yes, according to Amazon, it's out in February in the UK and April in the US. Hope it's useful.

Top tip from Clancy: "Get yourself to Bar Napoli as often as you can, eat pasta and get back out."

John said...

Yeah, I get 10% on all pasta dishes at Bar Napoli for the month of August. Made that deal back in 2002. Only reason we're still in business.

Mark Fisher said...
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