Monday, January 23, 2012


I was prepping a big thing on Saul Alinsky and why Newt keeps ominously mentioning him as Obama's mysterious Jewish Svengali, but this guy does it better,
so take a look and then go here.

Buy those tickets, kid.  And you can hear Kevin Pariseau,  live and in the flesh say things like:

ACTOR All right.  Good.  Let’s begin.  (An expectant pause)  All right, I’ll start.

(ACTOR thinks, smiles, thinks some more, searching for the play, then leaps to the obvious.)  I live in this room.  It’s not a very big room but it’s where I live.  Others have lived here before me.  Others will live here after I go, providing I don’t burn it down one night which is unlikely as I don’t smoke.  No one smokes in this room.  I have few visitors, not many people come to see me in this room but those few who do don’t smoke.  Not in here.  What they do when they’re not here I couldn’t begin to imagine.  Nor would I want to. 

Now I could tell you more about my visitors or more about me. 

Or I could do both.

I’ll do both but I’ll start with me. 

I came to this room…many years ago.  I wouldn’t say that I was born here but I wouldn’t dispute the fact either.  I would just avoid the subject altogether if I were me which I am so I do. I know this room…intimately.  (ACTOR paces stage) Every square inch of it.  Not that side so much.  I’ve never really gotten a grasp of that side.  This side I know.  The front part of this side.  This area right here.  Right where I am standing now.  I know this area right here probably better than any other person in this room.  I’ve studied it.  I’ve grappled with it.  I’ve met it.  I’ve met it and in that meeting, through that meeting, I’ve grown to know it.

All right.   Good. 

More about me or something about the visitors? 

More about me, I think.  Then the visitors. 

Me’s going well. 

Come on.  Funny stuff.  Fifteen bucks.  Me and Walsh up onstage with Kevin. 

You want to be there.

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