Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a dollar twenty nine

That's all you need to go here and start reading The Piano Store Plays, a collection of shorts I wrote 20 years ago, before Present Company, the loft on W. 45th Street, the Fringe, the internet, penicillin, air travel and the internal combustion engine.

Well, we had penicillin, we just didn't know what it was.  Used to mix it in with our drinks, made them all fizzy.

And then you can memorize every precious word of The Piano Store Plays and go here and for another fifteen bucks you've got a ticket to sit down with other fine people and watch me and Nancy and Kevin Pariseau say those very words out loud, while walking around in front of you.

It's kind of a trip, I know, but it all makes sense if you don't think about it too much.

So that's sixteen dollars and twenty nine cents I'm asking you to lay out, all in.

Not an outrageous request.

And we have to once again give the huge kudos to Martin and Rochelle Denton over at www.nytheatre.com and  www.indietheaternow.com.  These guys continue to figure out what our territory needs and then work to provide it.  And they've been doing it for years.

They're a non-profit, by the way.  Most people don't know that, they assume they're just a great website.  Nope.  They'll gladly accept your donations, if you think what they do is worth anything.  Which you should because it is.

It's all about money today for some reason.  Guess I'm inspired by the Mittbot's tax release.

That's one rich robot.

Weird that he'd claim "extensive humanoid voice recognition and mimicry training sessions" as a business expense, when that seems to be a personal thing, but hell, I'm no E.F. Hutton.  

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