Monday, March 15, 2010

women glowing, men plundering, etc.

David Calvitto is officially the Best Actor on the Planet, South Australian Division. Last night he won the Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Theater Performer for The Event.

The Event was also up for Best Theater Production, but bettybooke won it for en route. I heard it was amazing, so congrats to the good people at bettybooke.

MMMQ has to keep to the Aussie beat, so who sang (I Come from the) Land Down Under?

1. Men in Hats

2. Men At Work

3. Boys II Men


4. Menudo

Winners go to Bondi Beach, losers fly to Alice Springs.


Ann said...

Men At Work! I love Colin Hay. I met him when he played in Syracuse last year and I think he's amazing.

Congrats to Dave on winning The Award, and to you for writing The Words.

Rosemoo said...

Woah those internet spam bots sure are trying to get you in bed John!

Men at Work obvi. I'm not totally stupid.

Most of the time.