Monday, March 08, 2010

reading tonight

Spitfire and I play an embattled husband and wife team in a reading tonight, details below. Been rehearsing these roles for about twenty years.

MMMQ at end of post.

terraNOVA COLLECTIVE presents
play readings from the 2009 Groundbreakers Playwrights Program

Performance Space 122
150 First Avenue at 9th Street
All readings begin at 7pm.

Monday, March 8, 7pm
By Susan Ferrara
Directed by Jessi D. Hill

Timely and terrifying, this tale is one woman's fight to get her head above water after the death of her husband, which left her drowning in debt. Faced with supporting two young sons on her own, Fran reaches out to her sister and brother-in-law for help, but this well-meaning duo doesn't know the first thing about how to fill the void. Desperate and out of options, Fran begins receiving phone calls from a mysterious man offering help. But, the voice on the other end of the line has a grander agenda, and Fran is only a small part of a dark movement to change government policy.

Now then.

Was listening to the old stuff over the weekend and Ms. Rickie Lee Jones went into heavy rotation. So what does the jukebox do downstairs in Danny's All-Star Joint?

Does it go

1. Wonk wonk

2. Schwink schwink

3. Juke juke


4. Doit doit

Winners get the Easy Money, losers take the Night Train.


Ann said...

Rose and I are both going with 4. Trust me on this one,'s just fun to say "doit doit".

Rosemoo said...

Oh. I was gonna say Juke Juke, but I hereby change my answer to Doit Doit cause it is indeed nifty.