Tuesday, March 09, 2010

talk to me, Oz

Under the loving wing of the Lampshade Queen, Rose wins legit.

Doit doit, indeed.

Now, let me tell you that I'm big down under.

This is Stephanie Johnson writing for www.australianstage.com:

Profound. One word.

If a review could be written with just one word then this would be the one to describe The Event.

Take a moment to soak in the true meaning of the word “profound”. Let it resonate in the mind for a while. Meditate on the meaning of the word “profound”. Perhaps profound thoughts will follow. Maybe the truth of the universe will begin to echo in ensuing contemplation. For this is the effect of The Event.

It is a one-man show that starts simply enough with short, sharp, punchy lines.

Actor David Calvitto delivers his lines with charm, self-deprecating humour and
finesse, enchanting his audience and outlining truisms about the theatre. Theatre initially is “The Event”. Thus theatre in all of its forms is cleverly and humorously dissected leaving no stone unturned – actors, directors, technicians, audiences and reviewers all take a bow in Calvitto’s repertoire, directed and penned by John Clancy.

The humour is wry, the script witty and the delivery simple and effective. But it is deceptive. Herein lies the rub. This brilliantly, and cunningly crafted, play takes a twist. Before long it is apparent that the theatre of life has become “The Event” and then another twist as insightful and universal truths are revealed. Theatre and philosophy combine to produce a brilliant and thought provoking hour. The words and thoughts provoked linger long after the final bow in a refreshing manner.


dave said...

The Event has been nominated for Best Play and Best Actor at the Adelaide Fringe. Ceremony on Sunday. -The Man

John said...

Well done, Dave. Keep on knocking it out of the park down there.