Monday, March 22, 2010

great god almighty

Hats off to Speaker Pelosi and President Obama.

We got health care reform, kids.

And it may not be a magic ride to Instant Happy Land, but it's a serious step in a good direction. It means my niece can get insurance when she's of age and that's a good thing right there.

The Event is extending out in L.A. All details at

Heavy Green Day rotation this weekend, so here's our MAMQ:

What is not an indication that the young lady in front of you is the last of the American girls?

1. She's riding her bike

2. She's on a hunger strike

3. She's paranoid

4. She's reading Sigmund Freud

Winners get health care reform, losers get it as well. It's a good Monday.


Ann said...

No one reads Freud anymore.

Rosemoo said...

Gots no idea so I ride the tailcoats. Wheeeeeeee!!!!