Monday, March 29, 2010

Fatboy review down under

Sounds like Red Stitch Actors Theater is delivering the goods in Melbourne.

MAMQ at end of post.

Larger Than Life (Fatboy)

Kate Rose, Herald Sun 28/03/10

Fatboy (March 17 - April 17) by John Clancy. Directed by Marcelle Schmitz

A WORD of warning: if you are in any way offended by swearing, don't bother reading any more. This play is not for you.

For those who secretly delight in infantile idiocy and profound profanity, step up.

Fatboy is a brutal, vicious update on Albert Jarry's Ubu Roi, and proves the importance of mocking dictators and their sheep-like subjects is as great now as it was when Jarry's play was written more than 100 years ago.

The new king is Fatboy (Daniel Frederiksen) and in this sinister burlesque he has consumed, killed or enslaved almost everyone and everything. His sins culminate in a war crimes tribunal, but with weasel words, manipulation and a filthy singalong it's clear justice is probably more than blind, she's also bored, bawdy and bigoted.

The manic energy, dark humour and self-referential irony of Clancy's writing thunders off the stage from everyone involved in this scathingly cynical spectacle.

I don't remember writing a filthy singalong, but what the hell. It's a collaborative art.

It's Passover, my friends, so let's get Hebraic with our quiz.

Which Ramone was born Jeffry Ross Hyman in 1951 out in Queens and was a nice Jewish boy underneath that leather jacket?

1. Joey

2. Dee Dee

3. Johnny

4. Marky


Ann said...

Joey. Love that it also fits with the Australian're a clever one, Clancy.

Rosemoo said...

Um. Joey!


Anonymous said...

"Sung to the tune of the old childhood song "Three little fishies""
...Hey I'm Fatboy and how are you? Yes I'm Fatboy so fuck you".
Ring any bells?

John said...


Never thought of it as a sing-along. Philly had a hip-hop version with crazy harmonica solos, so I'm sure a sing-along worked as well.