Monday, March 01, 2010

six days

Almost a week since I've opened the Museum's doors, time flies when you're fighting robots. Quick recap:

Wednesday Jen Conley Darling and I drove up to Albany representing LIT for Arts Day. Very cool to sit in the Senators and Assemblymen's offices and make the case right to them. Some people didn't even know what NYSCA's budget was, reminding me how easy it is to get caught in the echo chamber/choir practice of the Off-Off world.

Thursday was the Summit and I, for one, was glued to the screen. Our president is a brilliant man. What a joy to be able to type that sentence. My gut is that they'll pass something this month and it won't be great but it will be a start, it will be something at least.

Friday was the Great Storm. Beautiful to watch.

And now Monday, first day of March, spring out there somewhere ahead.

This is also the day in 1970 when, no lie, Charles Manson released his debut album. Name that slice of vinyl bizarrity.

Was it

1. You Give Love a Bad Name

2. Lie

3. People Say I'm No Good


4. Helter Skelter?


Ann said...

John, how doe you even *know* this stuff?

I'll guess "Lie". That seems the most Mansonesque choice to me. "You Give Love A Bad Name" would be funny, though.

Rosemoo said...

I have to guess You Give Love a Bad Name. Cause you do John. You do. :P