Tuesday, September 01, 2009

good ideas and another award

Thanks to Alaina for pointing this out:


Why wouldn't that work here?

Forgot to mention yesterday that The Event won a FringeNYC Outstanding Solo Show award Sunday night.

Truth be told, just found out about it this morning. We cut out of the awards ceremony early, school night and all that.

Congrats to Matt and Darlene and Kathleen and all others involved in the enterprise of the event.

Ann ducks and dodges, but the answer to the MMMQ is Mean Gene. Scorpio (or Mr. Ness) was one of the original five.

And the beat goes on...


RLewis said...

"Why wouldn't that work here?"

It does >>>

And what is St. Anns Warehouse, if not a longer-term version of the same (1 yr left)? Of course, it's not as easy to pull off on this island cuz it's much smaller (and capitalist) than GB. It just takes the right, single-minded person with lots of drive and determination (and few other commitments).

And congrats on the award - it was not Given to you guys... it was Earned. Good show.

RLewis said...

i know this is an older post, so not sure if you'll see it, but here's a new item on this post....