Tuesday, September 15, 2009

lucky man

Just another day when I realize my great good fortune. Health, family, friends and the chance to do what I love every day.

Just heard someone's interested in a French adaptation of The Event. What would that be, Le Fait? Le Coup?

It would definitely be in French.

Ann knows her people who died. It was Teddy, sniffing glue, age 12, who fell from the roof.

Carroll was before your time, Rosie. But FYI, when Herbie asked Tony if Tony could fly, Tony couldn't fly, Tony died.


Ann said...

We need a German adaptation:
Die Veranstaltung, by Herr Clancy!

How happy am I to be one of those friends you feel lucky to have?

The Germans would love Fatboy, I think.

John said...

I'm going to retitle it Die Veranstaltung now. With an exclamation point and a comma.

Die, Veranstaltung!

I'm especially lucky to have you, Ann, no joking.