Monday, September 21, 2009

monday, monday

Running and gunning today, kids, so let's just cut straight to the MMMQ.

Who was/were the first musical guest on The Daily Show?

1. The White Stripes

2. Kanye West

3. Eric Clapton

4. Black Eyed Peas

Winners get a moment of Zen, losers don't.


Ann said...


Don't Tweet. You - your words - cannot and should not be contained in whatever bullshit number of characters a 'Tweet' is supposed to contain.

We need more John Clancy words, NOT LESS.

I feel very strongly about this, and you know how I am when I don't get my way.

Now, about this pesky MMMQ. I don't ~know~ the answer, so I am performing my Jedi Mind Trick.

Kanye's a red herring.
The White Stripes would be the awesome answer, and also a trap.
Stewart doesn't seem like he has a secret crush on Fergie, so...
I'm going safe here - Clapton.

I really, really, REALLY could use some zen.

Rosemoo said...

I think the White Stripes would have Rocked the House. So I choose them. Also, twitter is evil I think. Facebook is evil too, but it has me in its clutches. That's why I choose Facebook.