Monday, August 31, 2009

endless summer

And it's finally coming to a close. Matt closed the NYC Event on Friday, Dave finishes his Edinburgh run in about twenty minutes, he's standing onstage over there as I type.

All in all, an eventful August.

Here's what's next, down in Philly. MMMQ at the end of the post.

You’ve seen Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance, now get ready for the newest dance-competition-reality-show-craze Kill Me Now. Playing with the live ammunition of real audiences voting for fictional characters, Kill Me Now blurs the line between art and reality, exposing the performers to the casual cruelty of the crowd. Kill Me Now is a fast-paced, comic experience with a different outcome every show. With the audience pulling the strings, the show becomes a ruthless examination of the performers' desire for an ultimate prize and all they are willing to do to get it.

Even before the curtain rises, you become familiar with the contestants though the videotaped confessionals playing in the lobby—and by reading their profiles on Facebook. The dancers range from Dexter Allen Anderson giving his 125,000 percent to Tina Marina's floor-licking routine, while judges like Sarah Manning with her pointless pontificating and Nigel Bruce Hancock with his oversexed ego battle for attention. Yell out to your favorite dancers as they alternate between contestants and judges while trying to win your heart and your vote—all under the whip of an MC whom some might call a dominatrix.

Melanie Stewart Dance Theatre's past Festival works include Claire (Philly Fringe, 2007) and Babel (Live Arts Festival, 2004). The show Kill Me Now was devised by the entire company. Hosting duties are performed by Catherine Gillard, co-artistic director of benchtours. The text is written by OBIE Award winner John Clancy.

Direction & Choreography: Melanie Stewart Text: John Clancy Lighting Design: Clifford Greer Jr. Costume Design: Stephanie Nichols Sound Design: David Cimetta Videography: Les Rivera Performers: Bethany Formica, Cassie Eckerman, Catherine Gillard, Scott McPheeters, Janet Pilla, Megan Mazarick, Les Rivera, Karl Schappell

Going back to vault again for this morning's MMMQ. Checking your knowledge of paleo-funk, in the dawning days of hip-hop, Grandmaster Flash had his Furious Five.

Who was not one of them?

1. Melle Mel

2. Scorpio

3. Mean Gene

4. Kidd Creole

Losers cross those White Lines, winners get Rapper's Delight.


Ann said...

Damn you, Clancy! I can't decide between Scorpio and Mean Gene.

Scorpio sounds the most wrong...but Mean Gene rhymes with Rahiem, and I'm pretty sure there was a Rahiem in there.

Which reminds me of Radio Rahiem, and the absolute genius of "Do The Right Thing." Can you believe that movie is 20 years old?

Hopefully I've distracted you with my Spike Lee detour and you haven't noticed I didn't really answer the question.

Fight the power.

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