Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jekyll and Hyde

So I signed on to provide the text for a Jekyll and Hyde inspired piece that will be devised by Scottish director Peter Clerke for Rowan University this fall.

It's always a little strange when you write this way, you put out some ideas and then the director and the actors thrash around on the floor and then you go home and try to translate their work into re-writes.

I couldn't come up with a thing to start with and then a couple of nights ago something clicked.

What if it's 2009 and the drug that Jekyll comes up with, something that erases all guilt and sense of conscience, becomes a huge commercial success? It's the number one anti-anxiety drug on the market. People are gobbling it down, the world is becoming over-run with amoral monsters, but everyone's happy.

Jekyll's working away like mad on an antidote, but no one seems to want it.

Haven't figured out the ending yet, but I think it's a place to start.

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