Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I was mainlining MSNBC yesterday, eyes glued to what everyone else was watching.

After about four hours I got a little tired of every talking head telling me I was watching History and muted Chris and Keith and the rest of the crew. I knew what I was watching, didn't need a bunch of hyped-up tour guides babbling at me while I was just trying to enjoy the view.

Of all the images yesterday, it wasn't until the helicopter lifted off and the Idiot and Laura were actually gone that it really hit me.

We survived.

We are damaged and bone-deep screwed in ways we don't even understand or know about yet, sure, but the country survived eight years of systematic attack.

Dick Cheney, completing his Dr. Strangelove transformation right on time, is out of power. The military tribunals in Guantanamo are suspended.

First steps, baby steps, but any step away from the abyss is a good one.

Gob knows what the next four years will bring, but the New Crazies won't be answering that midnight phone call and that lets me sleep a little easier.

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