Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy Nan Day

I write to you from the Middle of the West, Mound City, land of fried ravioli, in the shadow of the Arch, St. Louis, Missouri.

Here with family until the 7th.

Today commences the annual week-long celebration marking the birth of Nancy Eileen Walsh aka Spitfire McGee aka Ms. Scrappy Jack.

Bring forth the clam dip and let us rejoice.

In honor of Herself, the first MMMQ of 2009 asks:

What was the young and love-struck John and Nancy's song back in 1988 when first they pitched woo back and forth under the merciless Dallas, TX sun?

Was it:

1. Tempted, by Squeeze

2. Medicine Show, by Big Audio Dynamite

3. Downstream, by the Rainmakers

4. Two out of Three Ain't Bad, by Meatloaf


5. On Eagle's Wings, by John Ashcroft and the New Crazies

Take a guess and welcome to the brand new year.


Rose said...

I find it hard to imagine the two of you dancing and wooing to anything other than 4. Two out of Three Ain't Bad, by Meatloaf.

Just too cute of an image.

Miss you guys!


Ann said...

This question vexes me...the timing's off on all these songs, there's no real traditional love song in there...I'm going to have to go with the Rainmakers, because the St. Louis reference is to tempting.

Tempted, though, to say Squeeze.

See what I did there? I hedged my bets. My new year's resolution was to become harder to pin down.

Speaking of Squeeze, give Nan a birthday one for me.

Rose said...

true. Ditto. Give the lovely gal some hugs from the moo too!


Lori said...

Happy New Year to everyone!!! I know that Ann is probably right with the song choice, I am hungry and Meatloaf sounds good to me. Final answer.
I thought I saw a Nan parade the other day. Could hear it clear out in Eureka.
Happy Birthday, Nan