Tuesday, January 27, 2009

random Tuesday

Back in Rat City and the work is piling up.

Having a little trouble keeping my head straight so far this year.

Too much travel, too many projects, too few hours in the day.

Going to clean up this desk and stop my belly-aching now.

Ann and Steve get a Pepsi for knowing The Suicidal Tendencies and Rose gets an apology for the vicious slur associating her with any national socialist water sports activity.


joyce said...

John, this is not a comment, it's me, joyce mcm, saying hello from Edinburgh! I have a lovely niece - dancer, choreographer, dance-film-maker, 23, arriving in NY Thursday for a three month residency at something called Centre for Movement Research. If you and Nan have any emotional/time resources left to cook supper for her and her musician boyfriend, I'd love her to meet you! Email me if it's a yes, and I'll give you her contacts.... Hope you are both well and happy - much love, Joyce

Rosemoo said...

Watch out! Strangers are soliciting love from you!

Thanks for the apology.

I accept, Grim Gipper of Death.

John said...


Can't find your address, but would love to hook up with your niece and play native guide.

Email us at info@clancyproductions.com with details.

Hope all's well.