Monday, January 26, 2009

monday, monday

Hilarious weekend in the woods with Ambrose and Mary. Me and Spitfire are still camped out here, waiting for some furniture to be delivered, sipping coffee and staring at the squirrels.

Still very strange to me to be a homeowner after so many years of near-vagrancy. I keep expecting the Good Citizens Committee to come around and expose me as the wastrel poet vagabond I actually am and demand the keys. I wave to the neighbors but can't really meet their eyes yet.

I'm just out here passing.

Busy week ahead so let's get the quiz out of the way.

The I-Pod was shuffling along Saturday night and up popped the great L.A. punk rock classic "Institutionalized".

Who just wanted a Pepsi?

1. X

2. Suicidal Tendencies

3. The Young and the Worthless

4. Black Flag


5. Rose Howard and the Nazi Surfers?

Losers get the padded cell, winners get the aforementioned cola.


Ann said...

Suicidal Tendencies.

You're on drugs. Normal people don't act that way...

No hedging on this one. Maybe the Year of the Ox is gonna be my year.

steve k said...

First cassette I bought with my own money.

Rosemoo said...


I take offense at my name being used in conglomeration with Surfers of the Nazi persuasion.

I vote for, um, X.


I have no idea what the answer is.

I blame Ann.