Monday, January 12, 2009

last chance, kids

Tonight at 8:00, 27 Barrow Street, 63 minutes of high-stakes hilarity.

Philip Fisher saw it on Saturday and writing for the British Theater Guide says, among other nice things:

"With Matt Oberg on top form and a script that provokes thought throughout and long after the final curtain but is also generously endowed with laughs, The Event is a real delight."

So come on down.

We ran out to the woods last night, driving back in for the show this afternoon, but right now I'm looking out the window at an ice-encased winter wonderland, every branch of every tree dazzling in the sun.


Our MMMQ tests your knowledge of American albino bluesmen.

Who is arguably the greatest American albino bluesman to ever come out of Beaumont, Texas?

Is it:

1. Edgar Winter

2. Johnny Winter

3. Boz Scaggs

4. Billy Ocean


5. Elvis Aron Presley?

Losers look like Frankenstein, winners get a free ride.

1 comment:

Ann said...

Greatest? Johnny. Most famous? Edgar.

Yeah. I'm still hedging.