Tuesday, January 13, 2009

RIP Tom O'Horgan

The man responsible for Hair, Lenny and Jesus Christ Superstar is dead in Florida at 84.

Those were his uptown hits, but he worked forever downtown, mostly at La Mama and he's quoted as saying his Broadway success was "an aberration of some sort."

Makes me think about success and how you can't aim for two targets if you expect to hit either.

If you put up a challenging, subversive, formally innovative work of art you should just be happy you got away with it and be grateful to whomever shows up. If a wider, more mainstream audience connects with it, that's gravy. Delicious, career-sustaining gravy, perhaps, but still just gravy.

Ann has got the Vulcan mindmeld working again, I was going for Johnny over Edgar with the MMMQ.

Mostly I just wanted to type the words "American albino bluesmen".

Got to do it again, look at that.


Adam T said...

Ack! I missed the quiz!

Next week!



Adam T said...

Oh, Now I'm adam. (Rose)