Wednesday, March 12, 2008

wednesday round up

The Big O rolls through Mississippi, adding another X to his column. Senator Clinton thinks he'd make a fine VP, even though she thinks he's not ready to be President which is the only real qualification for being VP. Hmm...

The Fed offers banks a 200 billion dollar loan. Stocks soar.

Why not a 200 trillion dollar loan, boys? Or 200 kajillion? If you're just making it up and printing fake money, why not get creative?

Nancy and I dined at The Orchard last night thanks to the kindness and generosity of Jon Stancato and the Stolen Chairs and can I just say Holy Kamoley?

I mean, Great God on a Flatbread?

If you're in town and you're feeling kind of fancy and you've got some money to blow, get yourself and your honey down to Orchard Street. Seriously good eating and it's elegant as hell. Makes you feel rich right up to the moment they hand you the bill and you realize how poor you actually are.

Need to organize a Liberty Theater Task Force. Read the post a few posts back if you're not up to speed on this. Best way to move forward is probably getting everyone's email and making a group so we can stay in touch about developments. We should set a time to meet as well, I suppose. Anyone interested, let me know and I'll organize it.

And if anyone can recommend an exceptionally talented, young (mid-twenties) Hispanic actor for a reading of Stephen Culp's The 13 Hallucinations of Julio Rivera at New York Theater Workshop next Thursday, I'd be much obliged.

Finished Beatrice Otto's masterful Fools are Everywhere, a study of court jesters throughout history, and how cool is this?

She puts her email address in the acknowledgements.

So I email her and thank her for the great read and tell her how I'm using it for my new play. She writes back, asking to read the play. So I send her the fourth draft of Captain Overlord's Folly.

The modern world, kids. It's an instant motherfucker, sometimes.


Anonymous said...

I have a friend at Juilliard right now, Alejandro Rodriguez... hispanic enough? How do I email you his contact info?

Ann said...

"Instant Motherfucker" is going to look GREAT on a tshirt! - I'm all about the task force. Can't make the meetings, but you can just order me around from afar.

Attention anyone else reading this post: do not use my email address for nefarious purposes, and do not send me Viagra spam. Hello, have you seen me? My man don't need no Viagra.

John said...

Kate, just have him email me at Thanks for the help.

And Ann, I know your man.

He needs saltpeter if he needs anything.

A lot of interesting and potentially very positive developments on the Liberty Front today. Learning a lot and making some new friends. Anyone who wants in on the Task Force, just comment here and I'll put something up on the blog tomorrow as well.

Could be a long campaign, just so you know. But it might be important.

John said...

And I'm stone serious about the T-shirt bidness. Nan's doing some research. Seems like you need a bunch of shirts, for starters.

Ann said...

I got a guy up here in Scary-Cuse, he'll make us up some t-shirts. He and I did some bidness a while back, he'll deal. And I can't help but notice that my resume says I'm a graphic designer...seems like we might be in business.

John said...

All right. Seriously.

We have a verbal agreement here at the Museum with a fairly serious arts organization in which we supply the shirts exclusively.

Let's make some money and buy you a plane ticket over to Scotland this August, Ann.

Rose said...

I'm gonna be rolling in john and ann t shirts as soon as I figure out a way to get them for free from you guys!

Ann said...

You know I'd follow you anywhere, John. Especially really cool places, like Europe. Rose can come too, yes?

Let's talk. I am nothing if not someone who can get things done.

John said...

Sounds like we're suiting up for the first overseas deployment of the Scrappy Jack's East Village Traveling All-Stars. Hell yes, let's go over there and show them Scots a thing or two.

Actually, I've been there a few times and there ain't much they need telling. They think Canadian bacon is real bacon and the second floor is the first, but other than that they pretty much got it going on.

Ann, yeah, let's talk today if you get a minute. Give a call on the Museum hotline and let's start scheming.

Rose said...

I'm just aching to jump into someones suitcase!!!! :D

John said...

Stowaways always welcome and that's Official Policy.

Rose said...

I love turns of phrase that very specifically call for Upper Case. Like Official Policy.

John said...


Firearms Prohibited.

Live Bait.

Here There Be Monsters.

Anonymous said...

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