Tuesday, March 11, 2008

elliot phones home

And finds out that there's no one there.

Not going to trash the governor, poor bastard has a lifetime ahead of him to get through. Always have to watch the righteous ones, no matter which side they're on.

Of course, prostitution shouldn't be a crime, but that's eleven other posts.

So long, Spitz, and good luck on the Rotarian circuit.

Lots of great ideas and comments on the Liberty Theater post below, check it out and jump in if you haven't yet.

Answer to the Monday Morning Music Quiz is #4. Ms. Fields did not, in fact, write Parliament's acid-fried Afro-terrestrial invasion anthem Give up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker). She is rumored, however, to have provided some lyrics for their 1974 classic Up for the Down Stroke.

The 70s were a strange time, lots of cross-currents and random influences you wouldn't get these days.

So Rose wins a Quiz and gets a new hat. Or something equivalent to a new hat. Maybe a new shoe or something.

I'll have to see what's lying around in the Museum's Lost and Found Bin and get back to you on that, Rosie.


Rose said...

I only win the quizzes that no one else participates in! Dang. I guess I really did ride the short bus to school way back when.

John said...

But it was a very cute short bus.